During this challenging and uncertain time, it is more important than ever for the HSRC to find new and creative ways to support OSU students and their families. We have been quickly changing up many of our processes and programs so that we can continue meeting students' basic needs- this includes access to food, shelter, and other course related materials. We want you to know what our programs are looking like as we adapt to this new reality. 


One of the most impactful programs that helps fight food insecurity and serve as an effective retention strategy is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)- because of this, we are ramping up our SNAP outreach and enrollment support.  Our SNAP website will act as a central landing place for SNAP support. This support is available to students in the Corvallis, Cascades and ecampus programs. 


Other HSRC Program Support: 


Food Pantry and Grocery support:

The HSRC will continue on-site food assistance at Champinefu Lodge for local students. This will include food boxes from our local food bank and “Healthy Beaver Bags.” Food box distribution will be Wednesdays from 10-3 pm. Healthy Beaver Bags will be distributed Fridays from 12-2:30- and will only be available to members of the OSU community.   


Laptop and Calculator Loans:

The HSRC is assisting students who may not have access to technology they need – both laptops and calculators. We are working with our colleagues in the library and elsewhere to get students what they need. The HSRC is working to be the central point where students with need are being directed  - which is through this single support form. We are also sharing with students the resources for free internet. 


Basic Needs Navigation and Emergency Housing

We are also still doing Basic Needs support from Miguel and some others on our team. Emergency Housing is still available for eligible local students experiencing housing insecurity or homelessness.


Textbook Support

We know students rely on our textbook lending program and we’re shifting operations to continue this in some format. We’ll be collaborating with the Valley Library to fully utilize both Course Reserves, digital licensing options, before we look to physically ship a student a book. Because shipping times from Amazon and other delivery services are growing, we anticipate that we would be able to help a student with digital access sooner than they would receive a physical book. Students can share their needs through the request textbooks link on this assistance page. We will do our best to support all students with this program, including those in the ecampus and Cascades programs. 


Sharing this info with students: 

We need your help spreading the word- not just to students but to student’s families as well. Please share any communication regarding these changes with your students and networks. Our website has these changes and updates reflected: https://studentlife.oregonstate.edu/hsrc


Students who need to use our services with accommodations should contact the HSRC [email protected] and we will contact them as soon as we can.