While it is best to come during the Wednesday hours, if you are unable to make it we can schedule an alternative pick-up time during limited hours. To schedule email [email protected]tate.edu 


If you need to have someone else pick up food for you because you need to stay home to keep yourself safe, you are sick, or you can’t come in person for some other reason, please complete this authorized representative form. Link to: https://studentlife.oregonstate.edu/file/authorizedrepformeffectiveapril2020pdf 


The form doesn’t need to be printed out. You can just email the information to [email protected]. It is also fine to print out and send the form one time with your authorized rep.  When the person comes to pick up food for you they should just tell us at sign in: “I am picking up food for __________. They sent in a form.” 


Make sure the person picking up food for you knows if there are any allergies or dietary restrictions we need to know about. We can’t communicate individual dietary needs to staff ahead of time. 

The HSRC distributes food boxes every Wednesday from 10-3pm. 

Food boxes are a mix of shelf stable goods (rice, pasta, canned goods, soups), some frozen proteins, dairy and limited fresh produce. 

Staff can make boxes Halal, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc. 

Please go to the back door of Champinefu Lodge. Maintain social distancing. Please wear a mask if you have one. 

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