SNAP Spring 2021 Updates

The HSRC has information about important changes to SNAP Eligibility for students. A recent rule change means more college students are eligible for benefits. Domestic students are likely eligible for SNAP if they make less $1964 per month. We have important information including a SNAP Handout and SNAP Videos of our informational sessions. You can also make an Appointment with one of our Student SNAP Ambassadors. 

We know students can't concentrate when they're not eating well. 

... or eating enough. Unfortunately, too many OSU students are stressed about where their next meal will come from. Each year, thousands of students apply for Food Assistance funds, hundreds visit the HSRC Food Pantry and many more are looking forward to events on campus where they can snag free food. If your cabinets are a little empty, you're skipping meals or otherwise stressed about food, the HSRC has resources to help.