Want to learn how to make quick and easy meals on a budget?

Time and money are major barriers to making meals that are both healthy AND delicious. Acquiring basic kitchen skills is one way to overcoming both. We, at the HSRC, want to help! Our cooking classes will teach you how to create deliciousness in the kitchen at any time, regardless of your budget!

FREE Cooking Classes @ HSRC!

Our classes focus on empowering you with basic cooking skills. Come learn how to cook: quick, easy, and healthy meals. All on a student's budget! Recipes will be provided for each of the meals being prepared. 

SIGN UP HERE for as many classes as you wish (see below for more details). 

Cooking Classes Winter Term

We really enjoyed cooking with you all during Fall term so we are doing this again. We are looking forward to a great term and hope to see you at the cooking classes.


BACK TO BASICS (Week 3)   January 22nd, 5pm-730pm 

With the new year comes a fresh start and an opportunity to try new things! For our first cooking class this term we're taking it back to basics. We'll be learning how to cook efficiently for 1 or 2, to cut down on food waste, and go over some tips on how to properly store meat and veggies                                                          to preserve their freshness in the freezer.                                                     

RECIPE LEVEL: Easy/Fast        RECIPE: Beef and Broccoli Stir-Fry

There will also be a short knife skills demo


EASY BAKING 101 (Week 6)   February 12th, 5pm-7:30pm

One of our favorite things about the cooking class is the sense of community that comes with preparing and sharing a meal with people. As college students with very busy schedules we hardly get time to connect with our friends or even make new ones. Food has a way of bringing people together. So come join us this Valentine season and learn a simple. Food is love :)

RECIPE LEVEL: Easy                RECIPE: Red Velvet Cupcakes


VEGETARIAN COOKING (Week 8)     February 26th, 5pm-7:30pm

For our last cooking class of the term we'll be learning about vegetarian cooking! Come and learn some new tips on how to take vegetarian dishes to the next level.

                RECIPE LEVEL: Easy                RECIPE: Glazed Caribbean Tofu with Rice and Pigeon Peas