Students shouldn't have a growling belly when they're trying to focus on tomorrow's midterm. 

The HSRC Food Assistance program helps OSU students access food while on campus so they can get lunch before class, fit-in with their study group when they meet in a dining hall, or just stretch and flex their food budget to avoid skipping meals.

The application is now open until Friday, January 10th at 5pm.



I need help with this!

Students need to apply each term by completing the online application. The application asks a student questions about their financial challenges, experiences with food insecurity, housing insecurity, and other challenges presented from being under-resourced. Those who are determined to need support, receive food assistance funds (either Mealbux or Full Plate Funds) on their student ID so they can purchase food from campus food vendors. 

The Food Assistance application is only open the week before classes start and the first week of each term.

Further information about the Food Assistance program can be found on our FAQ page.