Processing the food assistance applications takes our office some time. We know you may be relying on this program so we try to make decisions and awards as quickly as possible. You can check this page at any time to see the latest update in the orange box on this page (to the right if you're on a computer, under this section if you're on mobile).

We intend to follow this timeline, though sometimes we have delays beyond our control: 

Week 0: Application Open (Monday at 8am)
Week 1: Application Open (until Friday at 5 PM)
Week 2:  Process applications, verifying some information with other campus offices
Week 3/4:

Determine award amounts

Week 5: Update applicants, award funds on student IDs
Week 6:  Appeal process
Week 7:  Award appeals

Note that Mealbux funds to not expire. Funds will continue to roll over from term to term so long as you're an enrolled student. Full Plate Funds roll over from term to term until the end of Spring term when they will expire. 

Winter Term Food Assistance Applications are currently: 


Closed and Being Processed.