Mealbux is a food assistance program for OSU students funded by OSU student fees. Mealbux was created in 2009 for students who were struggling to buy meals for themselves and were having to choose between buying groceries and buying textbooks. The HSRC wanted to make sure that no student had to make that choice, and this started this program to allow students to focus on being a successful student rather than having to worry about where their next meal was coming from. 

To receive Mealbux Funds, students need to complete the Food Assistance Application during week zero and week 1 of the term. If a student is experiencing significant hardship after week 1 and they missed the application window, they can contact the HSRC to see about accessing emergency funds that are sometimes awarded out of the application window. When a student receives Mealbux funds, they can spend them at any campus location that accepts Orange Cash. This is different from the Full Plate funds, which can only be spent at any UHDS dining center. 

Further questions about the Mealbux Fund can be answered on our FAQ page