Completing a SNAP application can be confusing! The Human Services Resource Center has many ways you can get support with signing up for SNAP benefits. 

  • Every Friday from 1-5 pm at Champinefu Lodge we'll have drop-in SNAP support in our Community Room. Bring your laptop - or we'll let you borrow one of ours. This is a really good option for undergraduate students who will be working on a basic straight forward application. We'll have staff hanging around to answer your questions, some snacks if we have them and you can breeze right through the application. 
  • Graduate students, student parents and those who have recently had an application rejected/denied from the Oregon Department of Human Services might want to consider making an appointment with our Basic Needs Navigator. Eligibility for these students can be a bit more complicated and having one on one support is recommended. 
  • Keep an eye out for "One Snap, Get SNAP" events around campus starting later this fall! We'll be coming to the different centers and colleges across campus as we can.