Be a part of something important.

The HSRC Advisory Board is a group of students, staff and community members who provide important input about the HSRC on everything from budgets, program priorities and advocacy goals. One of the most important functions of the Advisory Board is the presentation of our annual budget request to the ASOSU Student Fee Committee, where we get most of our funding from. Student input is an essential part of this process. 

How to join the HSRC Advisory Board

Anyone with the time and interest available who is interested in committing to the HSRC Advisory Board is welcome to apply. Interested individuals can send an email to to begin the application process. Applicants are encouraged to include information about why they are interested in being involved, possibly including a cover letter or resume. Applicants may be interviewed by members of the Advisory Board after their application has been reviewed. Applicants are welcome at anytime though formal on-boarding of members happens in Fall term.

The HSRC receives $11.91 of each student's fee each term

This modest amount results in tens of thousands of meals for food insecure students, hundreds of hours of HSRC student staff wages, utilities, program supplies, and much much more. For more information about student fee levels for other units on campus, see the executive report (PDF) available on the ASOSU Student Fee Committee website. 

Meeting Schedule

The HSRC Advisory Board meets Thursday mornings from 9-10 AM during odd weeks of the term (1, 3, 5, 7, 9). Meetings are held in Champinefu Lodge 313. Any one is welcome to attend.


Current HSRC Advisory Board bylaws can be found outlined on this document

Meeting Minutes

Anyone interested in reading meeting minutes for the HSRC Advisory Board can find them here

Current Advisory Board Members

Name Title Role on HSRC Adivsory Board Voting 
Angel Mandujano-Guevera HSRC GRA/Student Student No*
Kevin Schultz HSRC GTA/Student Secretary/Organizer Yes
Michelle Garibay HSRC Student Staff/Student SFC Liason/Committe Memer Yes
(Vacant) Student Chair Yes
(Vacant) Student Vice Chair Yes
Daniel Dietz Student Advocate, Office of Advocacy Faculty/Staff Member TBD
Sarah Cunningham Program Coordinator, Food in Culture and Social Justice Faculty/Staff Member TBD
Alex Axelsson Disability Access Services, Manager-Assistive Technology Faculty/Staff Member TBD
Lisa Schubert UHDS Dining Services Faculty/Staff Member TBD
David Rothwell Assistant Professor, School of Social and Behavioral Health Sciences Faculty/Staff Member TBD
Katherine Haro Student Student TBD
Hillary Magallanez Student Student TBD
Paige Olson Student Student TBD
Shiana Ramos Student Student TBD
Paige Schindler Student Student TBD
Tiga Evans Student Student TBD
Nicole Hindes HSRC Assistant Director, Budget Manager Advisor TBD

















*Angel Mandujano-Guevera is on the OSU Board of Trustees, which limits the participation he can have with other funding and budget boards.