Demand for the HSRC Food Pantry, an essential resource for students, continues to climb.

More and more students are coming to the HSRC to get enough food to feed themselves and their families. The HSRC has multiple food security programs - but this resource is the most impactful and the most cost effective.



Help us meet our goal:

Each month, the HSRC has share costs that we pay to the Linn Benton Food Share. While these costs are minimal, especially relative to how much food we receive, our monthly gifts aren't keeping up with the sustainable support we need. With regular, sustaining gifts, we can re-allocate significant time and energy to other student support needs. Even a small donation, repeating monthly, makes an important difference.

Food Share costs are a small part of the HSRC budget.

While we're currently seeing great support from the Student Fee Committee for program growth, we are unable to use student fee dollars to support the HSRC Food Pantry food share costs. We must rely on donations to our OSU Foundation account to cover these costs.