We can't do what we do without help! We are so grateful for our campus and community volunteers and hope you'll join us making a difference in the lives of our students. Volunteering for our food pantry is easy: 

  1. Come to the  HSRC offices (Champinefu Lodge, 1030 SW Madison Ave) between 9AM and 4PM to complete your training (takes about an hour). You can come anytime, though we strongly prefer if you don't come during week 1 of the term when we're busy with our Textbook Lending Program loan period. We do not train volunteers when a food pantry is currently happening in the center (we're too busy trying to get that done). 
  2. Volunteer training consists of a self-directed PowerPoint presentation, a quick food safety video and a simple quiz (don't worry, you can retake the quiz if you need to). 
  3. If time allows (yours and ours), we'll give you a quick tour of our facility and do a walk-through of the food pantry. You can also get this walk-through when you come to help with your first food pantry. 
  4. After you've completed training, you'll be added to our volunteer email list and we'll be in contact about upcoming volunteer opportunities. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at hsrc@oregonstate.edu or hsrc.foodpantry@oregonstate.edu.

If you'd like to volunteer for something other than our food pantry, let us know. Right now, we really need more help with all things related to our food pantry, but we're open to ideas for other ways you might want to make a difference.