HSRC Services As Of Fall 2021:

Here's the things you might be looking for:

Resource:  How to access: 

Textbook Loans: 

(Physical books)

Available at Champinefu Lodge (first come first serve, just come by!)
Food Assistance Funds (Mealbux, Full Plate Funds, etc) Complete the form on this page. You must be logged in with your ONID. 
Laptop Loans:  Meet with Miguel, the Basic Needs Navigator (usually a 15 minute meeting)
Grocery Support:  Available at Champinefu Lodge and remotely
Calculator Loans:  Available at Champinefu Lodge  (first come first serve, just come by!)
Request a Digital Textbook (from the Valley Library): Complete this form
Access Codes:  Not currently available. (Students who have exhausted their resources can meet with Miguel, the Basic Needs Navigator)
Something Else:  Email [email protected] and we'll do our best to assist! 

We need your help spreading the word- not just to students but to student’s families as well. Please share any communication regarding these changes with your students and networks. Our website has these changes and updates reflected: https://studentlife.oregonstate.edu/hsrc


Students who need to use our services with accommodations should contact the HSRC [email protected] and we will contact them as soon as we can.