The Graduate Student Conference Reimbursement is available to assist with costs pertaining to educational and professional conferences, attendance at which is often required for academic and professional success. We will reimburse up to $250 of a student’s expenses and students can only receive the reimbursement once per fiscal year. 

NOTE: The HSRC Graduate Travel Subsidy has no more funds available. No more travel subsidies will be awarded until after July 1 2020 when the fiscal year renews. 


  • Only graduate students with financial need are eligible for this program. 
  • Students must have used an HSRC program at least once in the prior 12 months. Participation in the HSRC Food Pantry or use of the @eatfreeOSU are the only two programs that don't count as an "HSRC program" for the purposes of this eligibility because participation in those programs aren't tracked and so there isn't a way to confirm participation. 
  • Students must meet with Miguel Arellano Sanchez, Basic Needs Navigator at least 3 weeks prior to their conference to apply and be approved. Miguel can be reached at or students can schedule themselves to Miguel's calendar here: 
  • Funds are limited - when the budget for this program has been met, no other students will be accepted until the following fiscal year. This website will be updated when the funds have been exhausted. When all funds have been distributed, the Basic Needs Navigator can still be a resource for gradaute students in exploring other funding options to meet their academic and professional goals.  

Conferences must be planned for this fiscal year.