Student Employee Unemployment FAQs

Most claims for Unemployment will be handled by the Oregon Employment Department who will make the final determination about your eligibility. Information about changes due to the Covid Pandemic can be found here


Currently, OSU Human Resources is recommending student employees contact the Oregon State Employment Department and fill out the application for unemployment benefits.  Because this situation is unique and ever changing it is advised to fill out the application for unemployment benefits. If you have questions about the application process you should contact the Oregon State Employment Department. If they have questions related to unemployment benefits and they need OSU to fill out a form then they would want to contact the Oregon State University Employee Relations Department at

If you think you are eligible to file a claim you can start that process through the Oregon Employment Department.


The Employment Department has set up a webpage with current information related to Business Layoffs, Closures, and Unemployment Insurance Benefits. 


The HSRC has a number of important resources available to students. We currently are offering a single support form for a range of assistance available from the HSRC. We also offer support for applying for SNAP benefits. If you require personal assistance you can set up a meeting with our Basic Needs Navigator. 

Set up a Zoom Appointment to ask questions or get help applying for Unemployment Benefits with an HSRC Staff Member