Remote Textbook Access Program: Digital Course Reserves

In partnership with the Valley Library, the HSRC is helping students access digital course reserves for their textbook needs. No physical books are being checked out at this time

To get support for your textbook needs, please consult this Google spreadsheet to see if the book you need has already been digitized for remote access. If your book hasn't been scanned yet, please complete the Winter 2020 support form and request that the book you need be added to the collection. If and when your book is digitized, this document explains how digital course reserves work

Books requested through the HSRC are being shared with the Valley Library team for scanning regularly. Sometimes, the book needs to be purchased, shipped to us and then scanned – and this can take some time. In Spring term, the Valley Library staff was able to scan hundreds of books and will similarly do their best for Fall term. Requests are processed in the order they’re received. 

Due to the volume of requests through the HSRC and the Valley Library, we cannot get back to each student with updates about their particular book they requested. Your best source of regular information is the document linked above and here. Staff are working to scan books and add to the remote digital course reserves as fast as possible. 

If you need an access code, please complete the Winter 2020 support form.

If you need an accommodation related to a disability, please email [email protected] to arrange further.

Students should never have to choose between buying textbooks and basic necessities like food or rent. The Textbook Lending Program helps students save money on course materials so they can worry less about meeting their other needs. 

The HSRC Textbook Lending Program has a modified delivery during the remote delivery COVID-19 situation. Please complete this form for course materials support. You MUST be logged in to your onid (and no other google accounts) for this form to work.