The HSRC has books for 360 different OSU courses (and more than 1200 textbooks total), look up your textbooks! 


  1. Enter the Title of textbook and click Search
  2. In the drop-down menu that says “OSU Course Reserves”, select “HSRC Textbook Lending Library 
  3. If you see a green dot AND the word “Available”, you can come to the HSRC in Champinefu Lodge (1030 SW Madison Ave) and rent the textbook for the rest of the term
  4. You cannot hold or reserve a textbook since this program operates on a first come, first serve basis 
The HSRC has the book I need. What are the next steps?

Check the Textbook Lending Program Timeline to see the week you qualify for check out and then make sure to bring the correct documentation requirements

How many textbooks can I check out? 

Students must already be registered for the class that requires each textbook, and may obtain the required books for only one class per day. (One class, not one textbook: if POL405 requires 5 books, the student gets 5 books that day, assuming all of your required books are available.)