Students should never have to choose between buying textbooks and basic necessities like food or rent. The Textbook Lending Program helps students save money on course materials so they can worry less about meeting their other needs. 

The Textbook Lending Program starts the first week of class (refer to the timeline below), and operates on a first come, first serve basis.

All textbooks must be returned prior to the end of the term. 

Textbook Lending Program Timeline

Fall Term

Winter/Spring Term

Summer Term

Week 0: Check out begins for Priority Access  Week 1: Check out begins for Priority Access Check out beings on the first day of your session! 
Week 1-11: Check out available for ALL OSU students  Week 2-11: Check out available for ALL OSU students

All Terms:

Week 10: Textbook Request Survey opens Monday and closes Friday, tell us what books we should buy! 

Week 11: Textbooks due back at HSRC by Friday at 5:00pm! 

Everyone must bring General Documentation regardless of the week you qualify for.