Oregon State University’s Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards has the responsibility to protect students’ information, including information pertaining to conduct files. This information is private and can only be released as permitted by state and federal law as it pertains to student conduct records and upon the written consent of the student. Here is a link to the Release of Information Form


Do you have a hold on your registration? Fill out the Hold Removal Request Form.

Common reasons for a registration hold: 

  • Incomplete sanctions 
  • Incomplete academic integrity course and follow-up meeting
  • Failure to attend and/or schedule an administrative conference or other required meeting with a SCCS staff member

You can expect to hear back from a staff member within 48 hours of completing this form. 


Have you been sanctioned to complete an essay or to submit documentation that you completed your court assigned sanctions?  Here is a link to our Sanction Submission Form where you can upload those documents and the documents will be sent directly to the SCCS staff member that you met with.  


You have the right to appeal the decision in your case. The purpose of an appeal is not to serve as a second hearing of the case, but rather a review of information to assess if the conduct process provided met the standards of the Code of Student Conduct. Appeals that are not submitted within five (5) business days of the date of the Notice of Decision letter, that do not list specific grounds, or that do not fall under one of the listed grounds will not be considered (See Section 8 of the Code of Student Conduct).

Here is a link to the Appeal Submission Form.