Advisor's Resource Guide for Military and Veteran Students


Parent School Letters

Parent School Letter Request Form

Degree Partnership Program students

  • Using benefits to cover courses taken simultaneously at other institutions as a Degree Partner student or other status: OSU will be the primary school and the student will need your approval to take classes at another institution.  Your signature is required.  Either the you or the student may scan and email the form to once completed.
  • The email must include a statement that courses being taken apply to a degree program offered at OSU. The statement must include the course number and name of the class.
  • The Veteran Certifying Official will send a "Parent School" Letter of approval to the other institution.
  • The other institution will then be able to certify the student to the VA for the specified courses.
  • The Veteran Certifying Official will then issue enrollment certification documents to the appropriate VA Regional office in order to monitor the student's satisfactory academic progress.
  • If you are talking to a student who has questions about benefits you can reference this flow chart for general information on veteran educational benefits Benefits Flow Chart.
  • You can always refer a student in need of more information to the Veteran Certifying Officials or the Military and Veteran Resources Advisor.


Military Experience Credit