The Educational Services Officer of your unit can assist you in obtaining the necessary Tuition Assistance request. Once you are approved through your unit for Tuition Assistance scan and send a copy of your contract to OSU is on the quarter system.

The benefit payment will be $166.67 per credit hour. *This will not cover the total cost of attendance. For more information on tuition and fees go here.

The Veteran Certifying Officials will process the paperwork and forward the contract to Business Affairs for billing. The university will bill the military for the tuition and fees. The military will pay directly to the business office. For billing questions email or call 1-541-737-3775. For all other questions contact the Veteran Certifying Officials at

The military will expect to receive the following from you, all of which is available to you via your My OSU portal A copy of your student account showing the breakdown of your tuition and fees. If it is before the term and billing has not posted to your account yet than you will need to contact the Student Accounts Office  or call 541-737-3775 and request a Tuition Estimate. Be sure to include your student ID number and state it is for Military Tuition Assistance. 

  • A copy of your OSU transcript. An unofficial copy can be obtained in your online account.
    • OR an official copy of your transcript can be ordered online for next business day pick up or mailing.
  • A copy of your current schedule.
  • A copy of your MyDegrees audit showing your degree requirements and progress towards your degree. : ·

Descriptions of the courses for which you are requesting TA benefits.

This can be obtained from the Online Catalog.

Concurrent Use of Tuition Assistance & CH 1606/1607 GI Bill

The Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Af-fairs (DVA) have announced that service members are no longer authorized to use both Tuition Assistance and DVA benefits from the Montgomery GI Bill-Selected Re-serve program (Chapter 1606) or Reserve Educational Assistance Program (Chapter 1607 for the same course. Soldiers may use both FTA and GI Bill benefits during a term, as long as they don't use both benefits for the same course.

*This does not affect Soldiers using TA and Montgomery GI Bill – Active Duty program (Chapter 30) or Post-9/11 GI Bill program (Chapter 33) simultaneously for the same course.


For submitting your authorization/contract form for TA, you can scan and email to or fax to 541-737-8123.

Registrar’s Office

102 Kerr Administration Bldg. 
Corvallis, OR 97331


Service members who entered the service while they were residents of Oregon

Oregon State Ecampus will provide financial assistance to currently serving military members who entered the service while they were residents of Oregon and who are using military tuition assistance to help pay for their online classes.

The assistance OSU Ecampus will provide will allow service members to take up to 4 credits per term, at the undergraduate or graduate level, at no additional cost above what the military tuition assistance program will pay. This award is in addition to your other military education benefits.

For more information see the Ecampus page at:



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