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The Student Health Services Veterans/Military workgroup invited speakers from the Portland and Roseburg VA Medical Centers to come and do an infomation session on Monday, April 14th. There were two presentations, one was an overview on the VA Structure, the other was an overview of the MyHealthe Vet Program

Helping Returning Veterans Transition to College - (pdf)

This presentation was adapted with permission from Dr. Bill Burns at North Dakota State University, Veteran’s Reintegration Committee.  The intent of the presentation was to help Faculty and Staff prepare for the 2700 Oregon National Guard Troops returning from Afghanistan and the increase in Student Veterans utilizing VA Education benefits at Oregon State University.  Members from the OSU Veterans Workgroup presented the presentation multiple times across campus and in front of the Faculty Senate in 2010 and 2011.

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Academic Advising for Student Veterans - (pdf)

This presentation was created by OSU Veteran Workgroup members to educate and communicate with Academic Advisors how to use the Military Transcripts when advising Student Veterans. This presentation was also used as a tool to educate Academic Advisors on the Veterans Workgroup and resources available on campus.   Workgroup members presented this training twice spring term of 2013.  

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Degree Partnership Program Summit - (DPP)

This presentation was designed by the OSU Veterans Workgroup for the Degree Partnership Program Summit fall term of 2012.  The intent of the presentation was to educate DPP Academic Advisors from various partner schools on the OSU Veteran Workgroup and their work. 

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Mental Health Awareness Training

This presentation was a partnership between the offices of Veterans Resource Coordinator, Salem VA Vet Center, Healthy Campus Initiatives, and Counseling and Psychological Services.  The intent of the presentation/training was to prepare audience members for what Student Veterans might bring to the table, how to deal with distressed situations, and the resources on and off campus to help staff.  The presenters put the presentation on twice; once each spring and summer term of 2013.  Jason Thilges, Army Veteran and counselor with the Salem Vet Center provided personal and professional insight to working with Student Veterans, especially post 9-11 Veterans.

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Staff Veterans Connection Resource Day (presentation)

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