Step One: Apply to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for your education benefits. You need to go to VA.GOV to complete your application.

Step Two: Provide a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility to the OSU Veteran Certifying Officials.

Step Three: Select a major (not UESP) by the time you reach junior standing (90-134 credits earned). The OSU Veteran Certifying Officials will certify your enrollment to the VA.

Step Four: On the last calendar day of the month, you must verify your enrollment to the VA via the Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (WAVE) or by calling the toll free Interactive Voice Response line at 1 (877) 823-2378.

The benefit is paid directly to the student, it should arrive approximately the beginning of the month following the month you earned it. For example, if you start school in September, your first benefit is expected to arrive the beginning of October.


Concurrent Use of Tuition Assistance & CH 1606/1607 GI Bill

The Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs have announced that service members are no longer authorized to use both Tuition Assistance and the Montgomery GI Bill-Selected Reserve program (Chapter 1606) to pay for the same course. Soldiers may use both TA and GI Bill during the same term as long as they are not used for the same course.

*This does not affect Soldiers using TA and Montgomery GI Bill - Active Duty (Chapter 30) or Post-9/11 (Chapter 33).