To apply for vocational rehabilitation benefits go to the the eBenefits website and complete the application, you will be contacted by your closest Regional VA for an interview.

The VA Voc Rehab program is an employment program that uses education as one possible means of helping you become more marketable.  At your interview you should be able to discuss your desired degree field.  It is often helpful to bring several job announcements the show a requirement for your desired degree.

Once your vocational rehabilitation benefits have been approved, your VA Voc Rehab Counselor sends an authorization form to the university so that you may receive benefits.

The Veteran Certifying Officials will process the authorization and send a copy to the OSU Bookstore and to the Business Office.

Once the paperwork is processed your name will be on a list at the bookstore allowing you to get your books and supplies.

In order to request your books and supplies from the bookstore online, follow these instructions.

To get your parking pass you will need to go to the Business Office in the Kerr Administration Bldg.

The Business Office will issue a receipt to be submitted to Parking Services for a parking pass.

The Vocational Rehab Counselor is responsible for issuing the money for the VA benefit.


For more information from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) about Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits, please visit the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Service webpage or call the VA toll free at 1 (800) 827-1000.