Step One: To apply for your Department of Veteran Affairs(VA) educational benefits you need to go to VA.GOV to complete your application.  It takes approximately 4 weeks to receive the VA Certificate of Eligibility in the mail.

If you have used your benefit perviously at another institution you need to go to VA.GOV to complete a Change of Place of Training form.

Step Two: Send a copy of the certificate to the OSU Veteran Certifying Officials.

Step Three: Select a major (not UESP) by the time you reach junior standing (90-134 credits earned). The OSU Veteran Certifying Officials will certify your enrollment to the VA.

Monthly benefits are paid directly to you to use at your discretion. The VA mails monthly benefit checks to the address given them on the application form.

The benefit is paid directly to the student, it should arrive approximately the beginning of the month following the month you earned it. For example, if you start school in September, your first benefit is expected to arrive the beginning of October.