When requesting assistance from and/or making inquiry to the Office of the Dean of Student Life by phone, fax, in person, or by e-mail, our response can be more effective if you provide us the correct spelling of your name (as it appears in Banner), your student identification number, and the best phone number at which we can reach you.

Students ask us:

I've been absent from classes because I've been too sick to go and/or I had a family emergency. I missed an exam and/or a project deadline. What should I do?

Consult the course syllabus for your instructor's expectations. If there is nothing express about attendance or missed exams or missed due dates, check with your instructor as soon as possible. When a student is unable to contact instructors the Office of the Dean of Student Life can assist with informing instructors and the college head advisor of a student's absence. However, only faculty has the authority and responsibility for excusing student absences, accepting late assignments, and giving make up exams. Missed and overdue work is negotiated directly between student and instructor.

The Academic Regulation concerning attendance is AR14.

Students are reminded that providing false or misleading information to obtain assitance around an absence is a violation of student conduct regulations and may result in university student conduct action per the Student Conduct Code.

I need to drop a class but the deadline has passed. Can you help?

Academic Regulations 11 - 13 govern adding, dropping, and withdrawing. Check in with your academic advisor or the Office of the Dean of Student to help you understand the process.

When a student or the student's family is unable to undertake the withdrawal process due to medical or other critical circumstances, the Dean of Student Life may assist the student or parent/guardian with the process which is managed by the Office of the Registrar.

I was graded unfairly/my grade isn't right/I can't figure how my instructor arrived at my final grade for a course. Is there anything I can do?

Academic Regulations pertaining to grades are AR 17 and 18. However, the University recognizes the importance of providing an opportunity for students to appeal academic decisions.

Most grade disputes are successfully resolved through the academic grievance process. The ASOSU Office of Advocacy can assist you in understanding the process. If the situation is not resolved to your satisfaction, an undergraduate student should consult with the head advisor of the college in which the course is offered to obtain further information about that college's appeal procedures. A graduate student should consult the dean of the graduate school regarding academic appeal procedures above the departmental level.

I'm transferring/applying to another college and need something called a Dean's Report or Dean's Certification.

Colleges might request from OSU information about a student's dates of attendance, degree completion, and disciplinary record. For the requesting college to obtain that information you, the student, must grant OSU permission to disclose. Permission is usually granted by way of your signature on the inquiry form. When OSU receives the inquiry, the Office of the Registrar will refer you to the Enrollment and Degree Verification link for verification of dates of attendance and to the Office of the Dean of Student Life or the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards for information about disciplinary records. Sometimes the form requests information about a student's leadership and service experiences. If the Dean of Student Life has knowledge of the experience she may remark but most often the form allows for that section to remain blank.

Certifications are not completed while-you-wait; allow one week for completion. When you submit the form to the Office of the Dean of Student Life be sure you have completed all of the sections of information the college is requesting from you, the applicant, then sign the form to grant us permission to disclose information from your student record, and YOU PROVIDE to us a stamped, pre-addressed envelope for sending the completed form.