Welcome to the Office of the Dean of Student Life

The Office of the Dean of Student Life (ODOSL) supports the University's mission by providing students with services and opportunities that enhance critical thinking, an appreciation for diversity and life-long learning.  Our mission is to provide educational and developmental opportunities for students to make informed decisions that support their success at Oregon State University. We are dedicated to providing an environment that will enable students to effectively engage in their academic and intellectual work as well as develop cultural competencies, social and global awareness in order to be informed, involved and engaged citizens. 

ODOSL assists students in the resolution of problems and concerns, provides information about and referral to campus resources, and promotes initiatives that address students' needs and interests. We also serve as a resource for parents, families, faculty and staff in supporting student success from the First Year Experience program through graduation. 

The ODOSL staff is excited to have the opportunity to support students on their journey towards their personal and professional goals.   We wish you the best the future has to offer and welcome to the OSU family.

Dr. Tracy Bentley-Townlin
Interim Dean of Student Life