The Office of Student Life supports students in the resolution of problems and concerns, provides information about and referrals to campus resources, and promotes initiatives that address students' needs and interests. We encourage you to contact our office if you need assistance identifying which resources are best for you. To contact us remotely, please go to to speak to someone within our office via Zoom chat or audio. We are available via Zoom Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM or via email at

Student Care

When life happens, ask us. If you aren’t sure who can help you, our office is a great place to start. Learn more.

Campus Resources

Oregon State University has an extensive network of resources to support your success. Identifying which resources can help you can be overwhelming. Contact our office to consult on these resources.


Whether advocating within a university dispute, serving as an impartial mediator within conflict, or a consulting agent for legal matters, we can direct you to resources that can help students solve complex issues. Learn more.

Supporting Activism

The Office of Student Life honors the University’s commitment to our students’ rights to the Freedom of Expression. We are here to support students who wish to share their voice while utilizing the University’s guiding policies. Learn more.


As a student, you have important rights to what the university shares with your support network. From educational records to directory information, learn more about FERPA here.

Emergency Notifications

The Office of Student Life can assist with informing instructors and your college head advisor of absences in extenuating circumstances. Learn more.