You can make a difference!

More than half of the books in the BNC Textbook Lending Program Library have been donated by faculty, staff and students. While we do purchase course materials each term, our budget limits our reach. Donations help us serve more students. We mark the donated books in our library with a special sticker so students can see how much our community cares. 

Donations we accept:
  • New or used textbooks
  • New or like-new binders
  • Unused access codes
  • Scientific or graphing calculators
  • Clickers or other course technologies
  • Other course supplies or materials, in good shape 

As a note for faculty and instructors: if publishers provide you with complimentary access codes or textbooks, please consider donating them to the BNC. Our priority access period ensures that students who are low-income have first access. Not all students are comfortable approaching their professors and instructors to explain their financial hardship and may not want to approach you directly. You can bring materials by our office in Champinefu or send them our way via campus mail. We promise to share them with students in need.  

Making a donation is easy

You can bring donations during the BNC during business hours, or you can drop them in our book drop-box near our front door if it's after hours.  If you're able, you can save us time if you write the name and course code either on the inside cover or on a post-it note affixed to the cover. If you don't remember, don't worry, we'll use our best detective skills to figure it out.

If you highlighted in your book or wrote in worksheet pages, we'll still accept them.