Spiritual Life @ OSU - Exploration, Discovery, Development

Our Mission

We serve our students and campus community by encouraging and cultivating spiritual exploration, discovery and development.


We are…

A group of on and off campus advisors who seek to serve students’ spiritual development through one-on-one relationships, workshops, retreats, prayer and meditation gatherings, a monthly labyrinth walk, annual tabling events, and Spiritual Wellness Week.

As a group, we are a nonsectarian organization and do not intend to convert individuals to any set tradition, be it religion or spiritual path.  Instead, we aim to be a resource of information for students interested in seeking their own path at OSU.  It is our intention that our resources provided support our mission to encourage and cultivate their spiritual exploration, discovery, and development.


Why Do We Have Spiritual Life @ OSU?

Oregon State University, a public research institution dedicated to student success, often draws from student development theory to guide practice.  The board at Spiritual Life @ OSU recognizes the findings of Alexander Astin's national study of Spirituality in Higher Education.


HERI’s Spirituality in Higher Education Project

College Students’ Beliefs and Values Survey finds:

  • 80% 1st year students reported interest in spirituality
  • Scored high on degree of spirituality = 90% believed campus should encourage their self-understanding
  • 50% by end of junior year rate ‘integrating spirituality into my life’ as very important or essential life goal


How We Support Students

We can connect you with religious organizations on campus or in the Corvallis community.

In a broader sense, we seek to support you in exploring a variety of questions about faith. We also support and encourage thinking about how your spiritual development (whether atheist, agnostic or Christian) aligns with your academic development.

We connect with first year students to help them build a strong foundation during Welcome Week and U-Engage classes to collaborate with campus partners to broaden, enrich, and solidify the student’s sense of meaning and purpose.

The group (SL @ OSU) meets once a term to connect and learn about ways to further connect with students and faculty through events and programming.  One of which includes our Spiritual Wellness Week.

The purpose of a Spiritual Wellness Week is to create a safe and supportive environment for the OSU community to engage in elevated, collaborative, and sustainable interactions centered around our shared desire for spiritual discovery and fulfillment within a diverse and empowered community.