Student Conduct & Community Standards staff work closely with many other departments and programs on campus to ensure that all students can live, work and learn in a mutually satisfying and secure environment. The office provides online forms for reporting incidents involving students. Our staff is available to explain procedures and talk to you about your concerns around reporting an incident or situation.

Report Academic Misconduct

In an academic community, faculty members play the most important role in maintaining academic standards.  When an act of academic dishonesty is observed or suspected, a process is in place to uniformly address such events. This link will forward you to the Student Conduct & Community Standards Academic Misconduct webpage that provides information on the academic misconduct process, access to the Academic Misconduct reporting form, and information about the SCCS online Academic Integrity Course.

Report Student Misconduct

All OSU students and student organizations are expected to abide by expectations of responsible behavior as established under the Code of Student Conduct. Students, faculty, staff and other persons are encouraged to report concerning behavior that appears to disrupt our shared learning environment. Reports made here are for non-emergency incidents only. Please review the Code of Student Conduct if you have any questions.

Report Sexual Misconduct

Reports of sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, gender-based harassment, intimate partner violence, sexual exploitation and stalking are investigated by the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access.  Individuals who have experienced sexual misconduct have the ability to submit a report anonymously if they choose.

Report a Bias Incident

Reports of bias are evaluated and responded to by the Bias Response Team.  Responses include: providing care and support to community members negatively affected; learning more about the incident; engaging in educational conversations and interventions; providing access and referrals to campus resources; and coordinating efforts to restore individuals and groups negatively affected.

Report a Care Concern

Living, learning, and working at Oregon State University can be stressful and sometimes the reason behind concerning behavior. The CARE office assists the university community to help assess and find solutions for managing distressed students that may be experiencing unexpected life events, personal crises, mental health struggles, and academic difficulties that can interfere with their academic success.  Use this form to report concerning behavior and to request a consultation with our CARE staff.