Prohibited Conduct & Processes

Information on prohibited conduct and the processes carried after a violation


Student Groups

Information on the student group policy, privacy and reporting.



Information on how to submit an appeal, what are the grounds for an appeal, and how to contact the Office of Advocacy.



Release of information and sanction forms


Disciplinary Records

Includes information on how to view, release and obtain a copy of your record, as well as our records retention policy.



Information on hearings and sanctions, off campus conduct, when is a student a student and other campus resources and other frequently asked questions.


Emergency Information

Information on who to contact in case of emergency, when in need of support, to report an incident or when in need of medical care.


Campus Resources

Information on academic success, health and well-being, alcohol and drugs, safety and other resources.


Translations and Accommodations

Includes translation and accommodation requests, and resource information.