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Your interactions with students

If you are concerned about a student who may be in distress, or if a student is uncooperative in controlling inappropriate and disruptive behavior, we urge you to call our office for consultation. We will work with you to develop a plan of action and will provide support until the issue is resolved.

Holding students accountable

There are times when a student's behavior is in violation of the Student Conduct Code, which all students inherently agree to abide by upon acceptance of admission to Oregon State University. If you witness a violation, please report it to our office by using the Incident Report Form.

Promoting academic integrity

Faculty are essential in upholding the highest academic standards. Your time and attention to prevent and address academic misconduct is appreciated by the entire university community. When an instructor observes, or discovers a potential act of academic misconduct, the instructor should document it and collect information. If the instructor believes that the collected information indicates a violation of the Academic Misconduct policy, they should consult with their department head (in accordance with AR 15 and departmental protocols) and then submit an Academic Misconduct Report.  Please review this info graphic to learn more about the process. 

Professional Development

Our staff is available to present to faculty and staff on "Identifying and Managing Students with Distressed or Disruptive Behavior" and "Promoting Academic Integrity in the Classroom." Please complete the Request a Presentation.

Report Academic Misconduct

Disruptive Behavior

Information on what is considered disruptive behavior, and how to avoid or address it.

Distressed Behavior

Information on what might be considered distressed behavior, and how to address it.