SNAP is the acronym for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. SNAP is a government assistance program offered through the Department of Human Services (DHS). 

Tax dollars are used in the SNAP program as Electronic Benefits Transfer otherwise known as EBT. EBT replaced the paper booklet food stamps (actual stamps) in the early 90’s. 

In Oregon, EBT is loaded onto the Oregon Trail Card. The Oregon Trail Card acts like a debit card but can ONLY purchase food and not be used at ATMs or where EBT is not accepted. Most grocery stores, convenience stores, and farmers markets accept EBT.

EBT can be used to purchase food items such as groceries and prepared meals. Unauthorized items that CANNOT be purchased with EBT include alcohol, cigarettes, and hot food items.

EBT is the acronym for Electronic Benefits Transfer. EBT is the food stamp benefit that is loaded onto the Oregon Trail Card every month.

A person, or a household of one can be eligible for up to $194 in EBT monthly.

SNAP lasts for six months. After six months you will have a chance to renew your benefits. Renewal letters are sent out via mail about one month prior to eligibility expiring.

Yes. An individual or household of one MUST NOT have a gross income over $1,929 per month.

As an undergraduate student you do not need to be working. However, you must be aware of what job you will be applying for after graduation.

A household is the amount of people whom you plan, shop, purchase, cook, and share meals with.

If you are over twenty-two years old, do not share the same diet, like to purchase food on your own, etc., you can file as your own household. 

If you are under twenty-two years old, you will need to file with your parents information if they provide at least half of your meals. 


If you are twenty-two years old and do not live with your parents you have a chance at being eligible for SNAP.

You will need to list each roommate on your application with their name and birthdate. If you DO NOT purchase food together then you will claim yourself as an individual household and no further roommate information is needed.

You can still apply and be eligible for SNAP if your meal plan does NOT satisfy at least fifty percent of your meals.

You will indicate this on your application. There is an option to indicate that you are getting assistance with housing.

No. However, if a student desires their own EBT then their parents will need to remove them as a dependent first before applying on their own.

If a student is a dependent on their parents benefits then the amount depends on the household size. For a household of one, a person can receive up to $194 in EBT.

You can still apply for SNAP as long as you RESIDE in Oregon.