One Application: Three Programs

The Human Services Resource Center has combined a few programs into one application to make things simple for students. This single application is the place where students can apply for Mealbux, the Full Plate Fund, Food For Thought and get screened for the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, a federal resource. Students need to complete an application every term before Week 2. OSU-Cascades and ecampus students are not eligible for this program; it's funded through Corvallis campus Student Fees.

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Mealbux are funds available to students on their ID cards so they can buy meals on campus at any dining hall location. Students who are ineligible or denied for SNAP are eligible for Mealbux. This program is particularly helpful for international students and those who are undocumented. Complete the Food Assistance Application (linked above) to apply. 

Full Plate Funds

This program is for students living in the Corvallis-campus residence halls who are struggling with food insecurity. This program is funded by other students who have donated their unused dining dollars to support their classmates. Funds are deposited into a student's dining dollars account to be used on-campus at dining hall locations. Complete the Food Assistance Application (linked above) to apply. 

Food for Thought

University Housing and Dining Services, offers a meal program called the Food for Thought program. Dining staff create pre-packaged, balanced meal options that are available to some students for free. Complete the Food Assistance Application (linked above) to apply. These meals are also sold in the dining halls at a low cost, available for purchase by anyone.