Chi Theta Phi
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Collective Greek Council

Members of Chi Theta Phi demonstrate a focus on the School of Design and Human Environment at Oregon State University. We strive to build trusting and long-lasting friendships with fellow SDHE women, benefit our community, and participate in creative activities that will further our understanding in our chosen career paths.

Our vision: Our vision is to create a balanced social environment that will promote the highest standards of morals, integrity, and academic achievement. Women in Chi Theta Phi would also like to provide a community in which members can assist fellow colleagues with their studies. It is of upmost importance to build life-long bonds that will last throughout and beyond the scope of our academic lives and into our professional ones. 


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Total Members: 
Recruitment Requirements: 

To Join Chi Theta Phi, the requirements are as follows:

Full-time student at Oregon State Univesity (minimum of 10 credit hours)
GPA Requirement: 2.5
Must have a strong focus or interest in: the arts, design, or is enrolled inany of the College of Business design programs, but is not exclusive to it. We welcome all majors!

Organization Facts: 

Chi Theta Phi is a local sorority founded at Oregon State University in 2013. As a social sorority with a professional focus, Chi Theta Phi provides a balance between social and academic/professional activities relating to Interior Design, Housing Studies, Apparel Design, Merchandising Management, and Graphic Design.

Our Symbols:
Flowers: Morning Glory
Jewel: Blue Topaz
Colors: Aquamarine blue and tangerine orange
Mascot: Hummingbird

Other symbols: The circle and the lemniscate

Chapter Facts: 

Chapter President Contact Information:

Hailey Mckenna


Phone: 510-334-9129

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