If you are a first year student who has joined an Affiliated Housing Program participating chapter and needs more information on how to cancel your UHDS contract to live-in your fraternity/sorority, please click here.


Program Description:

Starting with the entering class of fall 2013, Oregon State University is implementing a First-Year Experience Initiative designed to increase retention and success for all students and student groups through an integrated living and learning environment.


An important component of the First-Year Experience (FYE) Initiative is the live-on requirement for first-year students and enhanced residential education associated with it. Some Corvallis non-profit cooperative living groups, including but not limited to OSU fraternities and sororities, have indicated a desire to provide a similarly beneficial and educational experience to OSU first year students. In response, the University has developed the OSU Affiliated First Year Housing Program (“Program”). Under the Program, qualifying organizations may request inclusion as an approved facility for students subject to the OSU First Year Experience Live-on Requirement. The objective of this Program is that OSU first year students are provided safe, healthy and educationally beneficial housing consistent with the experience provided in on-campus residences. 


To be eligible to apply for inclusion, the organization must be a non-profit cooperative living group providing room and board to OSU students in a house within Corvallis city limits.  At least 20 individuals must occupy the qualifying house.  Structures such as apartments or townhouses do not qualify as a “house” for this Program.  Qualifying organizations must have been established and operational on July 1, 2012.  Organizations under sanctions pursuant to OSU’s Student Conduct Code are not eligible.


2021-2022 Reactivation Process:

Chapters who were AHP participants during the 2017-2020 cycle are invited to reactive their status for the 2021-2022 academic year. In order to be considered for reactivation the follow steps will need to be completed, in this order:

  1. Hold a consultation with Kelly Hower from Student Health Services regarding the CDC’s recommendations for congregate living facilities.
  2. Submit the AHP Reactivation Form
    1. To complete this form, you will need to provide following documents:
      1. Completed Cover Page

      2. Property Insurance Certificate & Liability Insurance Certificate

      3. Most recent fire and kitchen inspections

      4. Indemnification Agreement

      5. Updated ADA Accessibility Plan

      6. Updated COVID-19 Workbook 


Future Application Process Materials:

Coming Soon! The application for the next three year iteration of the program has not yet been released. Check back soon for more updates regarding this process. The 2017-2020 application materials are provided below as a resource for any interested housed living groups.

2017-2020 Application Process Materials:

        2017-2020 Program Policy

2017-2020 Online Application 

            Online application

            Application Guide

            Cover Page for Application

            Indemnification Agreement