Chapter Name: 
Oregon State Chapter
National Founding Date & Location: 

October 13, 1890 at Cornell University

Chartered at OSU: 
Chapter Facts: 
  • The chapter house was built in 1919 and was used by Theta Delta Nu until they merged with Delta Kappa to become the Delta Chi Chapter of Oregon State University in 1931.
  • In 1960 an addition was built that added a new kitchen, a dining room, extra rooms, and the sundeck.
  • In the summer of 2013, the house had major renovations done such as new hardwood floors in the living room and second floor hallway, new sinks and toilets as well as tiling the floor in the second floor bathroom, a new stove in the kitchen, and newly painted walls in the living room, on the sundeck, and throughout the basement.
  • Our Rosenkrans Scholarship is one of the largest Fraternity scholarship programs on campus giving thousands of dollars to our members for grades, fraternity involvement, and length of membership. There is also a new member scholarship that can be given to new members as well as book scholarships.
  • A renovation of the sleeping porch and the sundeck was completed during the Summer of 2018, making the sundeck the biggest on campus More renovations of the kitchen, bathrooms, and house directors apartment are planned for Summer 2020/2021
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COVID-19 Workbook

COVID-19 Workbook: 



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Chapter President Contact Information: 

Reid Pettibone

Email: [email protected]


Physical Address: 

203 NW 13th Street, Corvallis, OR, 97330

Mailing Address: 

Same as above.